2D Asteroids Clone (free of course). Also… BRRR.

Hammered out an Asteroids clone. It’s pretty fun. Only spent about 28 hours on it. Pretty good, since it’s a simple 2D game. The first game (Bust a Brick) took something like 90, but I hadn’t used Unity before or programmed in years. There were several code re-writes involved in that. For Asteroids, I had a pretty good starting point. Even re-used most of the high score code and most of the game state code.

We’ve had a crazy cold snap with frost everywhere and temperatures in the 30′s. Something about weather from Alaska. Man, they can keep their weather. I went for a run in the park today – ice covered puddles everywhere, frost everywhere, 36 degrees at NOON. Brr.

Anyway, check out the completely free to play Asteroids clone.

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Been working on something new, 2D arcade game

It’s been years since I programmed or was in computer science. Always wanted to write games. Seems like a good time. Biotech and veterinary medicine aren’t really my loves. Fortunately, a lot has changed since I switched out of programming.

First stab at being a game developer:
Bust-A-Brick, my brand new game. Simple 2D arcade game modeled after some classics like Break-Out, Aquanoid, Brick Breaker, and others. It’s free to play, of course, because I’d have a hard time charging for it.

I wrote it using C# and Unity. Unity has been an amazing experience. Can’t sing the praises of Unity enough. This game is playable through the web, on my PC, on Mac or Linux, on my Android phone, and (presumably) on an iPhone, if I had one to test out. All with very little effort on my part. Thank you Unity. This truly is the age of independent game developers. Years ago I gave up on making games except as part of a huge company like EA, now it seems like there might be a chance to survive.

Don’t worry, I just went for a run today, triathlon is still by far the best sport in the world ;-)

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Forums are in general better than blogs

These forums are some of the best on the internet for multisport athletes. The communities are active and reasonably intelligent. I’d go there instead of reading never-updated blogs.





Watch out for the weird group consensus. Also, forums rarely take individual variance into account.

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